Introductory Lesson Foundation of Tantra

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I would like to note that any and all spiritual or sexual practices around Tantra, Neo Tantra, or Modern Tantra™ cannot be achieved without an understanding and ongoing relationship to Conscious Breath.

There are different types of breath practices and they are used for specific motivations. Breath can be used to calm, excited, to raise consciousness, to heal, to empower, to arouse, and to go to deeper places inside and out.

Typically this would be the first lesson you would learn, and continue to evolve the practice of, throughout your journey with me or any legitimate Tantra practitioner, but for now  I am going to give you a very simple practice to start with and anytime you read the word breathe you can start with this one.

  • Sit quietly and breathe normally.
  • Now become aware of your breath, just follow it, do not change a thing.
  • All your awareness is simply directed to following your breath in and out.
  • Feel it go into your nose, all the way down, as you relax you body and follow your breath.

I know it sounds simple and as long as you keep your attention and focus on your breath moving in, through and out your body it is simple, and profound.

Just follow your breath and relax deeper and deeper into it. That’s it.

If you would like a guided version you can get that here Breath Awareness 1 Mp3

If you are serious about making any progress with practice then you may want to go straight to the goods and get the Conscious Breath v-book (video embedded ebook) and here is a special 50 % discount code, use GOODS upon check out.

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