Tanja Diamond

Tanja Diamond, Bold, Unorthodox and Revolutionary, her unique and creative approach to getting things done both for herself and her clients, has led to her Rock Star status in the world of personal development. Her passion to explode the box and find ways to get the undoable accomplished inspires her clients to new heights of astounding results.

Master Life Strategist™ ,  serial entrepreneur and #1 international bestselling author is dedicated to getting you Unstuck in life, love and money. Tanja has been working in the US and overseas for over 30 years expanding consciousness in business, life, love, sexuality and spirituality.

Tanja uses the technology of Modern Tantra™  – High Speed Evolution™ and Integrated Intelligence™ to guide her students and clients to Life Mastery  by integrating knowledge into their entire beings and becoming their most conscious and true self. She calls it Your Personal Evolution™.

She is the author of two (so far, more coming) international bestselling books “Beyond Sex: Tantra, a practical guide to extraordinary living ” and “Riding The Phoenix, the ultimate guTDide to get unstuck in life, love and money” as well as creator and founder of many brands and coaching programs.

Tanja in Brief

I want to say I am grateful. Grateful that I do something I love and value every day. I also feel pretty humbled that the thing I have passion for doing helps so many people. I really feel like my life is a gift, a gift I created and will never take for granted. And I thank you, because without your trust and desire to explore we would not be connecting.

I was born in ’61 in the US and had my first plane trip at 3 weeks old and have been traveling ever since. I have lived and played on every continent and currently I live on a beautiful beach in the Pacific Northwest. I have two titles in front of my name and a whole slew (32) letters and initials behind it. (See the list here) and really that’s only because I hunger for knowledge and have had the time and means to pursue it, not because it impresses anyone.

I am a Master Life strategist™ in the personal development field and I use my own  technology of Modern Tantra™ to assist people with transforming their lives. I use Modern Tantra™ because it is the most powerful way to integrate change that I have ever experienced and witnessed.

I have spent my life living fully, riding the phoenix,  exploring many practices, philosophies, traditions, cultures, lifestyles, and schools of both traditional and esoteric knowledge. Classical Tantra stands out as not only the one thing that connects everything else AND it is still the fastest and most powerful tool for change there is.

Personally, I live for evolving. I evolve myself, my teaching, the way I create income, my parenting, my relationships, my life. As a  Tantra Master I am a seeker of understanding, feeling and integrating the universe.

I was born with some great gifts that have helped me along the way, I have cultivated others and will continue to hone myself both personally and professionally to ensure I keep my edge and zest for living.

My clients have included good ol’ boys from the south, north , east and west, feminists,  professional athletes, people in the film industry, models, tech geeks, physicians, lawyers, engineers, priests, scientists, spiritual leaders, animals, kids, teens, the elderly, singles,  couples, Mensa members, the mentally challenged,  addicts, musicians, extreme athletes, politicians, ambassadors, royalty, all genders, all sexual orientations, kinks, sex workers, virgins, many nationalities and ethnic groups,  abused women and men, abusers, terminally ill, the lovers, the haters…and the list goes on. The funny thing is most of them believed I specialized in working with their way of seeing the world, their quirks, or challenges, their beliefs, their kind. And they are right, we are all connected.                                        Read More


Tanja and Classical Tantra in brief

I am a holder of 3 ancient Classical Tantra lineages, therefore known in those traditions as a Living Classical Tantra Master.

In the same traditions I am a master healer, adept spiritual guide, adept passing over guide, energy master and teacher. I am a Classical Tantra scholar only in the way that a tree understands it’s roots. I was passed down the history of my masters all the way back to their origins.

Not all Classical Tantra aspirants become masters and not all masters become teachers. I have always been called to share knowledge. My motivation to share the knowledge of Classical Tantra comes from the traditions I follow, a promise to my teacher, and my very own deep understanding that this incredible technology has the capability to assist in planetary evolution and healing.

What I bring to the table with this knowledge is the ability to assist you in creating the deep understanding of yourself from an energetic level up, and to teach you how to access your personal vibration and understand your truth and purpose here, as well as how to harness and utilize universal energy.

Very few people will undertake the time and rigors of Classical Tantra training, even if a Tantra master is present and recognized. Typically modern society is raised without the foundation or respect of tradition to understand the guru devotion that is paramount in Classical Tantra training.                   Read more


Tanja and Modern Tantra™ in Brief

I am the creator of Modern Tantra™ and its unique format. After a 20 year evolution of life I was finally up for the task my Classical Tantra master had asked of me very long ago. He knew that society was moving away from traditions and the old school form of guru worship, serving a master and spending one life in devotion to something bigger then themselves.

He did not want to see his beloved lineage and knowledge go by the wayside and he bid me to create a system that would provide the depth of understanding of self and the universe and enable it to be taught to many at a time.  I was young when he asked me and it took my evolution spiritually and in this world to create a program that honored him and was effective in modern society.

As a past workshop junkie and self help book reader I wonder why I had to keep doing more and reading more if any of it was actually working. And yes I know, work the plan and the plan will work. Except it was always someone else’s plan and not all of it resonated with me. If it did not resonate with me, inevitable I would seek something else. Problem with that, was seeking from my wounded place, seeking from my lower self place, seeking from my needs place, or my scared place, or my inner child place. These things always lead me to other things that would seem interesting or just what I needed until I found they no longer were or I would not stick with them and then on the hunt I was again.

Most things we learn stay in our head as knowledge. Clearly the integration was a key and getting the knowledge out of the head and through and through was the challenge.

After being involved with Classical Tantra I found that we all have the ability to “insource” our best path and resources IF we can get our bad programming and patterns out of the way. Most programs start with a self place, you know, love yourself, self care, that sort of thing. All well and good however there is a layer below that. I learned in my Classical Tantra training that deeper than the self was the ability and imperative need to connect to a bigger source than ourselves. If we could do that, understand it  and integrated it fully, we would have an easier time clearing our baggage and getting to the heart, the center, the power within ourselves- our truth. Not our learned truth, not our programmed truth- our personal vibration at source truth.                                                                          Read more


Tanja and Neo Tantra in Brief

I am creator of the Center for Spiritual and Sexual Enlightenment (currently closed), Advanced Certified Tantra Educator Level 3 through Source School of Tantra, Sexual Healer, Holistic Sexual Trainer, Tantric Sexual Therapist and Coach, Couples Intimacy Coach and Tantric Energy Healer.

What I bring to the table in Neo Tantra, is the extensive knowledge of Classical and Neo Tantra sexual arts, Taoist sexual arts, White Tigress training and a few others. I have the ability to assist men, women and couples to connect deeply to themselves sexually and understand how to utilize their sexual energy for healing and life presence. I create a space for you to let go of any emotional, or physical wounding relating to sex abuse, physical abuse, or emotional abuse, past heartaches, as well as societal ignorance or past learning’s that no longer serve you.

I really took to sexual healing techniques in Neo Tantra and coupled them with my Classical training and was incredibly impressed with the results. The fusion of witness, intent, energy and body work, sound and motion was nothing less than miraculous.

I have read and studied almost all of the Neo Tantra literature available from a wide range of teachers, Western and European. After an accelerated study program with Charles and Caroline Muir who are considered to be the forefront of the Neo Tantra movement in the US, I created my own brand of sexual healing  that was very different from many stream Neo Tantra practices, based more in healing and less focused on  titilation.  Pleasure doesn’t need to be chased, it flows when healing happens.                                                                                                                                         Read more


You and me

So here we are, and you may be trying to decide if you want to work with me, or gets some products or take a workshop. Or maybe you are all in already.

Either way I make a promise to you. I will bring the very best I have to the table, and I will continue to evolve and grow. I will always be authentic with you. I put my whole self into my products and pride myself on over-delivering. Please read my ethics page for more information.

I am happy to talk with you during a complimentary 20 minute Discovery Session where we can outline the plan to success for your goals.

If for some reason I feel we would not work well together I will tell you and see if I can find you someone more suitable.

I am always open to communication about your experience.

As far as what you might expect from working with me or at a Tantra workshop, I love to see tangible results and pattern everything I do with that in mind. That means sometimes I will ask you to move into uncomfortable places, after all change does not happen without some type of motion.

That said, I believe that first a person must develop healthy boundaries before they can decide they want to move past them. It is never helpful to push into your wounding if you are not prepared and confident, that is just another way to get hurt even more.

In our work together, we will not be having any sexual contact; we will not get naked together, or talk erotically with each other. I am open to helping you in many ways and can get creative as long as you understand those parameters.

If you are looking for sexual healing ritual please read the specifics on its page.

Feel free to ask me questions about what can take place I will not be offended, and I am sure the above statement are pretty clear.

You can read more about my work with men, my work with women, and my work with couples and professional practitioners.



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